Ostrich Duster – An Essential And Effective House Cleaning Tool

Ostrich Duster

All around the world, traditionally an all-out cleaning of the house was done in Spring and hence called Spring Cleaning. Now the definition of spring cleaning has changed, you can hear people say they are spring cleaning their place during any time of the year! A duster is an important tool for spring cleaning. Especially ostrich feather duster is one of the best dusters you can buy. www.houzz.com, a leading portal for home renovation and design, states that compared to so many new cleaning gadgets, the little ostrich duster cleans better.

There are many feather dusters available, but, the best is the Ostrich feather duster. Read on to uncover more about the types of ostrich feather dusters.

Ostrich feather dusters have long bristles that start out from the handle and is best suited for picking dust. The difference in Ostrich dusters is mainly the size of the duster, type of handle or the type of feathers used. Based on the place to be cleaned, you can choose the size. The long dusters are made from feathers of large birds and can be used to clean the ceilings and the smaller ones to clean tables, shelves, etc. Ostrich Duster comes in different sizes like small, medium and large. You can add an extension pole if you need a longer duster.

Types of feathers

Black Feathers: These feathers are found on male birds and are very soft to touch and feel. Compared to the gray feathers they are more delicate and very wiry. Since the ratio of male to female is less, the black feathers which are found in male birds are premium. Also, the wiry nature of the feather makes the duster head look full and gives it a very soft texture.

Floss Feathers: These feathers are gathered from under the wings of an ostrich. Since they are taken from an area of the body where the wings get attached, it is very soft. The length of the feather is not very long when compared to black or gray feathers. The dusters made out of this feather is very fluffy and looks like a fur.
These dusters come with casing or wood handles. The wooden handles are made of cheap timber. The casing handle dusters are retractable as the handle can be slid in or out with the help of a plastic casing. This retractable handle duster is good to store in small spaces when the handle is pushed in; the feathers go inside the casing. When slid out of it, the duster’s feathers come out. They are also called pocket dusters as they can be easily fit into your pocket. It is an essential tool to have to clean shelves or stores.

Gray Feathers: These feathers are found exclusively on female ostriches. They are also called drab feathers. They are obtained from the part of the wings from the body. The fathers are blunt and are not wiry like its male counterpart. The fathers are not soft in nature like the black feathers of the male bird. The gray feather dusters suffice for cleaning needs, but the black feather dusters are best sellers.