The Purpose Of A Decanter Set

The Purpose Of A Decanter Set

A decanter is a vessel used to hold a liquid which may contain sediments that need to be decanted. A decanter is usually used for the decantation and serving of wine. Decanters are available in various, size, shape, and design and material. They typically have a holding capacity of at least one standard bottle of wine which is 0.75 liters. Decanters were initially made of glass by the ancient Romans.

With the fall of the Western Roman Empire, glass decanters were replaced by those made of bronze, silver, gold and earthenware. It was the Venetians who during Renaissance period reintroduced glass decanters with a long slender neck that opened to a wider body. The wide body increased the surface area for the wine to be oxidized by air. It was in the 1730s that the British glass makers limited wine’s exposure to air by introducing stoppers for decanters.

Nowadays a scotch decanter set has to do more with its presentation. While decanter sets fulfill purposes of decanting wine, scotch whiskey does not really need decantation. While wine is in a decanter, it serves to separate the sediments in wine and allows the wine to breathe meaning to get oxidized to improve its flavor by the release of aromatic compounds. Oxidizing in the decanter is something similar to swirling the wine in a wine glass to improve its contact with oxygen in the air and to facilitate the release of aromatic compounds to improve the flavor. Well, with scotch there is nothing much to decant there, but then a little bit of breathing will do good. A scotch is served in a decanter for its looks.

A decanter allows for doing away with labels. There are three things to look at when purchasing a decanter. You need to make sure that the stopper on the decanter is a tight fit. Too much oxidation changes the flavor of wine for worse while it might not greatly affect scotch which has about 40% alcohol content. The second concern would be its size, a typical bottle of wine consists of 750 ml or around 25 oz.

If you wish to empty the whole bottle, you would want a large decanter whereas if you intend to pour just half the content you could do with smaller decanters. The last but crucial thing to make sure when purchasing a decanter would be that the crystal decanter is lead-free. Lead poisoning is highly toxic.

It would add a sense of class and poise to have an exquisite crystal decanter to serve the drink from. If you have a display of labeled bottles in your bar even that is fine. With a decanter set placed at the table or serving trolley, will add a touch of sophistication to your social gatherings. Ravenscroft has some of the best-designed decanter sets to choose from in a varying range of capacities and style. There is the beveled orbital magnum, beveled blade decanter, Thomas Jefferson decanter and Larchmont decanter to choose from among the Ravenscroft designs. The Luigi Bormioli Rossini decanter is an excellent choice too.