Prevent Employee Theft – Pre-employment Background Check

Background CheckYou would have heard several news regarding employee theft and fraudulent activity that affected both the small and large businesses. Many organizations are facing difficulty to find the perfect solution to stop this problem. Conducting background check of the prospective employees is the best option and it prevents such mistakes in work place.

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In few countries, the rate of employee theft is increasing and the employers find themselves in a tough position to control it. Here are some important tips to avoid employment theft and fraud activities.

You must include background check in your selection process. You should give top priority to this and let it be the first step in your selection process. The background check involves checking their education, employment, criminal record check, legal records, driving license, salary and references etc. You can hire a background check company who offers you reliable service.

It is a must to conduct a credit history for the employees because many prospective employees have bad credit history records. This increases the chances of an employee to involve in fraud when an individual is in financial difficulty. You can ask the candidates to produce a written credit report. You must make your employees aware that your organization has zero tolerance to employee theft. Employee theft not only includes direct stealing but it also means taking long lunch break without permission, slow working, taking sick leave without being actually sick and so on.

You must improve our company policy and explain your employees what is employee stealing. You can discuss with your local police if you identify any employee theft in your office and convey the message that is not tolerated.

Senior managers and business owners should be the role models for employees. The top level executives must be honest and trustworthy otherwise the business environment will be very dangerous and can lead to criminal activity. You must ensure that you never allow a single individual to manage your entire business and you should not permit any employee to process or record any transaction.

Third party audit is important for your business and you must conduct it once in a year. If you are a business owner you must do surprise audits and background checks once in a year. Apart from conducting background check before hiring an employee you must also conduct the background check for your existing employees once in three years.

You must give greater attention to customer complaints regarding employee theft. If you receive any information from your customers that their payments are not yet credited you must give personal attention to this and it represents employee theft.

Pre-employment background check is very important for any type of organization as it reduces the employee theft and fraud. Every employer must consider this before hiring new employees.